Ko Rangiputa tōku maunga.

Ko Awaroa tōku awa.

Ko Mamari tōku waka.

Ko Te Rarawa rāua ko Te Aupouri ōku iwi.

Ko Te Kotahitanga tōku marae.

Ko Ngāti Haūa tōku hapu.

Ko Whangapē tōku whenua tūpuna.

Ko Michelle Estall tōku ingoa.

The act of creating is something very dear to my heart. Within my art practice and through the medium of acrylic on canvas, I process and express my thoughts and emotions.


I hope to honour both my family and my heritage throughout my work. I am constantly inspired by the beauty of our country and it's people.

Nature, connections to Mother earth and one another are common themes in my paintings.

Since 2016 I have been working as a professional artist from my home in Tauranga, New Zealand. My work frequently features at several local galleries here in The Bay Of Plenty and also graces the walls of art collectors both here and abroad.


 Within this site you can view previous examples of my work and also work that is currently available. 

I will not be taking on any private commisions  at this stage due to other commitments and fulltime study, but this may change as time frees up toward the end of the year.

Kind Regards,



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