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Monarch study 2

Monarch 2 SOLD


Migration SOLD

Monarch 1

Monarch 1 SOLD

Tui Study 1

Tui 1 SOLD

Tui 3

Tui 3 $150

Tui 2

Tui 2 SOLD

Tui 4

Tui 4 $150

Butterfly kisses

Butterfly kisses- DONATED TO CHARITY

In Bloom

In Bloom $300

Girl with a paua earring

Girl with a paua earring SOLD

Moana Lisa

Moana Lisa SOLD


LOVE $100

The sum of man

The sum of man SOLD


Aroha $100

Tutanekai and Hinemoa

Tutanekai and Hinemoa SOLD

Purple rain

Purple rain $100

Out of the blue

Out of the blue $100

Scarlet woman

Scarlet woman $100

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