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Goals for 2017

Is it too late in February to wish everyone a Happy New Year? I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and got to recharge their batteries. May 2017 be full of exciting adventures, love and happiness for every one of you.

My wee family and I had a blast over summer! We managed to get away camping at the beach and enjoy the sunshine. Now that school is back in though, it is time to get serious and back in to work mode. I am feeling so inspired and happy to be back with a paint brush in hand.

2016 was a great year for me artistically. I felt like I got a lot of work done, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and had a lot of positive feedback. I sold a few paintings, but the satisfaction doesn't only come from the sales, but the buzz of creating something out of nothing.

The highlights for me were making in into the finals of the Miles Art Awards, finishing a series of paintings for printing in to jigsaws and having my work hanging in 3 galleries simultaneously around Tauranga in December.

In 2017 I have only one goal and that is to have my first solo exhibition! Both nervous and excited in equal parts at the prospect. The venue has now been confirmed. My show will be in October of this year at the Incubator Gallery. There is a lot of work to do in coming months in order to put together a cohesive show, but I have been planning this in my head for a couple of years now , so I hope it comes together in reality as it has in my dreams.

A big thank you to those who have supported my creative journey so far. I really hope to see you all at the opening. Invitations will be emailed to all subscribers of this website closer to the time.

Speaking of supporters...I received these lovely photos all the way from Australia of three gorgeous children enjoying their Christmas gifts of the jigsaws I illustrated. Thank you so much for the pictures of your extended family Susan! What an adorable family you have. I hope they enjoy the jigsaws as much as I enjoyed creating them. x

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